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Sign of Happiness

| August 30, 2023 WIB | 0 Views Last Updated 2023-08-30T03:18:42Z - In QS Al-Muddats-tsir: Each person is responsible for what he has done, except for the right group (who has saved himself with good deeds), in heaven they ask questions about people's condition -people who sinned: "What put you into Saqar (hell)? They replied: "We were not among those who pray, and we did not (also) feed the poor, and we are discussing falsehood together with people "Those who speak about it and we deny the Day of Judgment until death comes to us." So it is no longer useful for them intercession from those who intercede.

Quoted from the book Duratunnasihin, it is narrated that Abu Hurairah ra said: I asked the Messenger of Allah: "Who is the happiest human being to get your intercession, O Messenger of Allah!" He replied: "People who are happy to get my intercession on the Day of Judgment, are those who say the creed with sincerity from their heart."

The Prophet said: Zuhud (leaving the world) in the world gives rest to the heart and body, while greed for the world tires the heart and body. (Tahariga Muhammadiyah)

Know that the signs of happiness are: 1) leaving the world and loving the hereafter, 2) active worship and reading the Qur'an, 3) talking little about unnecessary things, 4) diligently praying five times a day, 5) berwara' leave unlawful and doubtful things, 6) friendly with pious people, 7) humble, not arrogant, 8) generous, not stingy, 9) compassion for God's creatures, 10) useful for fellow human beings , 11) always remember death. (Tanbihul-Ghafilin)

In this world, it can cause God's grace and favor to descend on us, as His word: "Whoever fears Allah will be given a way out, as well as sustenance that was not expected and calculated". (Zubdatul-Wa'idhin)
(Red : Ninik Qurotul Aini)
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