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MTA : Provisions for Facing Eternal Life

| September 29, 2023 WIB | 0 Views Last Updated 2023-09-29T00:50:23Z - Quoted from the Book of At-Tadzjirah 1, by Imam Syamsuddin Al-Qurthubi, that An-Nasa'i narrated from Abu Hurairah r.a, he said, the Messenger of Allah said: "Often remember the matter that decides all the delights", i.e. dead.

This is a concise statement, contains all kinds of warnings, and is very powerful advice. Because a person who remembers death truly will end all the delights he is currently enjoying, and will no longer desire them in the future, and will make him turn away from whatever delights he once craved.

Humans cannot be separated from two conditions; narrow or spacious, delicious or disastrous. If he is in a tight situation and is experiencing a disaster, then remembering death makes it easier to face it. Because knowing that it will not last, and that death is heavier than all that. Or, if he is in a state of enjoyment and is experiencing freedom, then remembering death will prevent him from being arrogance, or being deluded about it, because he remembers that all of that can be cut off from him.

As the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: "A clever person is one who conquers himself." So, an intelligent person is a person who can conquer himself so that he wants to worship Allah, as an effort to prepare himself to live life after death and meet Allah SWT.

Or it could also mean, that the person is calculating himself, what he has neglected in his life, and is preparing to face the end of his life, by doing pious deeds, and trying to free himself from his mistakes in the past, and doing dhikr. and obey Allah in all his behavior. This is the real provision to meet the day of death (yaum al-ma'ad).

Author: Ninik Qurotul Aini
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