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Islamic Universal Culture

| September 12, 2023 WIB | 0 Views Last Updated 2023-09-12T08:12:13Z - Islam appears again as a whole in its traditional aspects in the debate about future conceptions, regarding humanity, the universality of international law. Islam is not monolithism (a rigid stance) but is tolerance, flexibility and pragmatism, organizing humanity as it is with its similarities, contradictions, oppositions and aspirations. The law of nations as a formal system is self-sufficient because the universal social order is the result of the spiritual images that shape the world.

Islamic universal culture uses various methods to increase adaptation to local cultures. The method with the clearest Islamic style among these methods is ijma'. The general agreement is narrowed down to an agreement of experts who are given the authority to determine the validity of a person's beliefs or actions which may have been accepted by society. The decisions under review incorporate the issue in question into the normative elements of Islamic tradition.

A general style of presenting arguments and formulating things, is most clearly reflected in the distinctive style of Hadith and the atmosphere of certainty it creates encompasses practically all literal manifestations of Islamic teachings (Gustave, E.V.G (Ed), 1975). This style effectively encourages the creation of uniformity in Islamic culture. The formal unity of Islamic theological and scientific writing has enabled its international dissemination, along with the international acceptance of the Arabic language.

The most influential factor in adjusting the relations between Islamic civilization and the traditional civilizations of Islamic countries is the voluntary attitude and personal freedom of individual believers in determining their identity. He may live his life according to the practices of his national and ethnic heritage, but at the same time, he admits that his behavior is only a deficiency that can be forgiven, and for this he is able to come up with various excuses; Moreover, and this is the decisive point, his behavior in everyday life is judged as meaningless, if he considers himself and his society in relation to his Khaliq and the rest of humanity. For in this universal context, he saw his insignificant self emerging among the followers of the Prophet, and it was from this association with them that he derived his glory in this world and his confidence that he would be unharmed in the next world.

Author: Ninik Qurotul Aini
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